FLAVORS-logoNew York, New York – December 9, 2014 – Flavors Holdings Inc. (“Flavors”) announced today that Eran Tor will become the Chief Executive Officer of Flavors effective on January 1, 2015.  Mr. Tor replaces Paul R. Block, who was previously the Interim Chief Executive Officer of Flavors and Chief Executive Officer of Merisant Company.  Mr. Tor has served as an outside consultant to Flavors and Merisant since July.

“We thank Paul for his contributions to Flavors and Merisant and his assistance in ensuring an orderly transition at this time.  We are also very excited to have Eran as part of the businesses and have tremendous confidence in his ability to lead them going forward,” said Paul Meister, President of MacAndrews & Forbes Incorporated, the parent company of Flavors.

Mr. Tor previously served as the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of iDigital and iCon Group, one of the leading distributers of Apple products in Israel.  Prior to founding iDigital and iCon Group, Mr. Tor served as the general manager for Reckitt Benckiser in Israel, where he led the company to double sales & profit during his tenure.  Before Reckitt Benckiser, Mr. Tor held senior marketing positions with Unilever and Best Foods in the USA, Europe and the Middle East.


About Flavors Holdings Inc.
Flavors is a holding company that is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of MacAndrews & Forbes Incorporated. Flavors is the parent entity of Merisant Company and Mafco Worldwide Corporation, a manufacturer of licorice extract and related derivatives.

About Merisant Company
Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Merisant is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tabletop sweeteners. Merisant markets its sweeteners under its flagship brands Equal, Canderel and Pure Via, an all-natural sweetener, along with several other brands in more than 90 countries.

About MacAndrews & Forbes Incorporated

MacAndrews & Forbes Incorporated is a company that acquires and manages a diversified portfolio of public and private companies. Wholly owned by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ronald O. Perelman, MacAndrews & Forbes’ primary objective is to build and grow great businesses. Its core strategy is based on investing in companies with strong market positions, high quality management with vertical expertise, recognized growth potential and ability to increase productivity.  Current investments include leading participants across a wide range of industries, from cosmetics and entertainment to biotechnology and military equipment.