Encore, a long-time provider of post-production services, is providing fans of FX’s critically acclaimed series “Legion” with a richer viewing experience using High Dynamic Range (HDR). Having colored the first season, Encore Colorist Tony D’Amore delivered both HDR10 and Rec709 grades – completing the HDR pass first, and then using the HDR image as a guide to optimize the SDR version for “Legion’s” second season, which currently airs Tuesdays at 10pm ET/PT on FX.

“HDR is changing the way stories are told, especially for shows like “Legion” in which visuals play a key role. The vivid colors are impactful and significantly enhance the audience’s experience,” D’Amore said.

With experience grading more than 140 hours of HDR content, D’Amore first set the desired look of the series in HDR before achieving a similar result in SDR. This approach allowed D’Amore to evaluate the full possibility of the images while emphasizing highlight and color details that are often lost in standard definition. To achieve the show’s signature look, D’Amore used HDR to bring out softer colors, such as yellow and cyan, as well as various textures and set design elements.

“HDR allows you to explore subtle colors, especially within the P3 color space. While the first season of Legion was mainly set in a hospital, the second season significantly expands its range of locations and looks. Applying HDR helps enhance those locations and looks by allowing the visuals to explode off the screen and magnify the show’s dazzling look,” explained D’Amore.