Encore, a Deluxe company, has added Colorist Andrea Chlebak to its roster of talent, and promoted veteran post producer Genevieve Fontaine to Director of Production. Chlebak brings a multidisciplinary background in feature films, docu-series and commercials across a range of aesthetics. Fontaine has been an integral post producer since joining the Encore team in early 2010.

“With our deep talent pool and advanced technical infrastructure, Encore helps our clients realize a wide spectrum of looks and handles nearly any deliverable, all while maintaining our close-knit, boutique atmosphere. We couldn’t be happier that Andrea is joining the Encore color team, and that we will have the fearless leadership of Genevieve as we evolve to meet client needs,” said Encore Head of Operations Morgan Strauss.

“Deluxe has an incredible global presence and I’m thrilled to be part of a worldwide operation by joining their Los Angeles team at Encore. I look forward to joining their dynamic crew and bringing my own genre-bending flavor of color to Encore, while continuing to explore new directions as an artist,” Chlebak noted.

Fontaine added, “Encore is a place where you are part of the team from the moment you walk through the door. We’re in the trenches with our clients no matter the time of day, and this level of service combined with our quality sets us apart. I’m beyond excited to help lead the Encore post team as they pave the way to even bigger and better achievements.”

Chlebak’s credits include award-winning indies “Mandy” and “Prospect,” Neill Blomkamp features “Elysium” and “Chappie,” and animated adaptation “Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet.” Having worked primarily in the digital landscape, her experience as an artist, still photographer, film technician, editor and compositor are evident in both her work and how she’s able to streamline communication with directors and cinematographers in delivering their vision.

In her new role, Fontaine’s responsibilities shift toward ensuring organized, efficient and future-proof workflows. Fontaine began her career as a telecine and dailies producer at Riot before moving to Encore, where she managed post for up to 11 shows at a time, including Marvel’s “The Defenders” series for Netflix. She understands all the building blocks necessary to keep a facility running smoothly and has been instrumental in establishing Encore as a leader in advanced formats, helping coordinate 4K, HDR and IMF-based workflows.

For more information about Encore and recent projects, visit: http://www.encorepost.com/