Flavors Holdings Inc.
Exchange: Privately held
CEO: Albert Manzone
HQ: New York, NY

Flavors Holdings Inc. (“Flavors”), is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of MacAndrews & Forbes Incorporated.  Flavors has two operating units, Mafco Worldwide Corporation (“Mafco”) and Merisant Company (“Merisant”).  Merisant is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tabletop sweeteners. Merisant markets its sweeteners under its flagship brands Equal, Canderel and Pure Via, an all-natural sweetener Whole Earth, along with several other brands in more than 90 countries. Mafco is a world leader in quality licorice products and specializes in manufacturing licorice extract and related derivatives for use as an enhancer, modifier and moistening agent in various consumer products. Mafco’s primary brand of sweetening and flavor extending products is Magnasweet.