Today Encore announced that Senior Colorist Philip Azenzer, an industry veteran with a vast credit list covering television and features, has returned to the company. Azenzer was one of Encore’s original employees, starting as a color assist, learning the craft and building his client base. Over his distinguished post production career, Azenzer has collaborated with many notable directors including David Lynch, Steven Spielberg, and David Nutter, as well as high profile DPs including Robert McLachlan and John Bartley. His credits include “The X-Files,” “Six Feet Under,” “Entourage,” “Big Love,” “Bates Motel,” “Bloodline,” and most recently, seasons 4-5 of “Black-ish” and seasons 1-2 of “Grown-ish.”

“Coming back to Encore is really a full circle journey for me, and it feels like coming home,” shared Azenzer. “I learned my craft and established my career here. I’m excited to be back at Encore, not just because of my personal history here, but because it’s great to be at an established facility with the visibility and reputation that Encore has. I’m looking forward to collaborating with lots of familiar faces.”

Azenzer is adept at helping directors and cinematographers create visual stories. With the flexibility to elevate to a variety of desired looks, he brings a veteran’s knowledge and skillset to projects requiring anything from subtle film noir palettes to hyper-saturated stylized looks. Upon departing Encore in 2001, Azenzer spent time at Technicolor and Post Group/io Film before returning to Encore from 2009-2011. Following his second stint at Encore, he continued work as a Senior Colorist at Modern Videofilm, NBCUniversal, and Sony.